New Arrivals: April 2018

A selection of new books, journals, and other collections:


Reputation: What It Is and Why It Matters
by Gloria Origgi
Princeton University Press, 2018

The Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar
Edited by Luca Grillo & Christopher B. Krebs
Cambridge University Press, 2017


Encountering China: Michael Sandel and Chinese Philosophy
Michael J. Sandel & Paul J. D’Ambrosio
Harvard University Press, 2018

The New Critical Thinking: An Empirically Informed Introduction
Jack C. Lyons
Routledge, 2018

The Aftermath of Syllogism: Aristotelian Logical Argument from Avicenna to Hegel
Marco Sgarbi
Bloomsbury, 2018

Free Will and Epistemology: A Defence of the Transcendental Argument for Freedom
Robert Lockie
Bloomsbury, 2018

Ancient Worlds: A Global History of Antiquity
Michael Scott
Basic Books, 2016

The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy 
Anne Conway
Edited by Allison P. Coudert & Taylor Corse
Cambridge University Press, eBook, 2009


A recent acquisition of a Taylor & Francis journal package includes access to these titles:

Asian Philosophy

Australasian Journal of Philosophy

British Journal for the History of Philosophy

British Journal of Religious Education

Canadian Journal of Philosophy

Comparative and Continental Philosophy

Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

Ethics & Behavior

History and Philosophy of Logic

International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 

International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

Journal of Military Ethics

Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology

New Bioethics

Philosophical Explorations

Philosophical Papers

Social Epistemology